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De-Addiction Center
The S. C. Patel Centre for De-Addiction and Mental Health provides a whole spectrum of health care needs and psychiatric services from drug and alcohol dependence to child and adolescence psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, treatment programme, for mentally disabled and rehabilitation programme. We are willing to share with you, a journey into building up, exploiting and rejuvenating your inner resources.

In children with severe or profound intellectual disability, there may be other health problems as well.

Psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia are a group of serious illnesses that affect the mind.

The lack of quality sleep can have a negative impact on your energy, emotional balance, and health.

Mood disorders can increase a person’s risk for heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases.

Activity Centres
Mental Health Centre
Assessment of intelligence, neuropsychological dysfunction and personality for diagnosis and therapeutic outcome.

Human Resource Centre
Psychological assessment for selection, appraisal (potential and performance), promotion and competency mapping.

Youth Centre
School /College consultation for management of behavioural, academic, emotional and relationship problems of children.