Activity Centers

Activity Centres

De-addiction Centre
  • Management of problems of gambling, substance abuse and compulsive habits through assessment, diagnosis and multi-module therapy approach.

Sports Centre
  • Facilitation of individual and teen performances thorough augmented feedback, personality development, stress management, self efficacy, extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, group cohesion, goal setting, imagery and self-regulation.

Centre for Crisis Management
  • Management of suicidal behaviour, abuse, violence and any other psychological trauma.

Community Centre
  • Creating awareness about mental health services.
  • Facilitating community participation in health services.

Obesity Centre
  • Management of obesity through pharmacotherapy, behaviour therapy, weight management, life style modification, reduced-calorie diet, increased physical activity and modification of internal cues to control eating.
  • Management of associated health risks and disfigurement.

Centre for Health Psychology
  • Assessment of key behaviours that either affect or are related to health such as stress, experience of illness and behaviour that can affect the Neuroendocrine, cardiovascular and immune systems.
  • Psychological management of cancer, diabetes, epilepsy and pain. To train people about management of stress through bio-feedback training.

Youth Centre
  • Psychological assessment of vocational and career guidance.
  • School /College consultation for management of behavioural, academic, emotional and relationship problems of children.
  • Parent consultation for management of behavioural, academic, emotional and relationship problems of children.

Old Age Centre
  • Assessment of physiological and cognitive changes and specific psychological problems common among older adults.
  • Management of problems such as incontinence, wandering and aggressive behaviour of older adults.

Human Resource Centre
  • Psychological assessment for selection, appraisal (potential and performance), promotion and competency mapping.
  • Management development training programs such as leadership, emotional intelligence, decision making, self awareness etc.
  • Consultation for organizational development exercises.

Mental Health Centre
  • Assessment of intelligence, neuropsychological dysfunction and personality for diagnosis and therapeutic outcome.
  • Management of adult behavioural and emotional problems through multi model therapeutic approach following rigorous assessment and diagnosis with comprehensive rehabilitation objectives.
  • Marital counselling and family therapies.

Academic Centre
  • Educational and training programs for psychological testing, internship training and statistical analysis.
  • Consultation service to mental health professional, non government organization and Government organization in the field of mental health service.
  • Research related to test development and validation, personality assessment, clinical interventions and service evolutions and outcomes.
  • Research related to applied behaviour analysis, family system therapy, alternative or adjunct therapies, pharmacologic therapy, and cognitive therapy.

Professional Centre
  • Publication and selling of standardized international and Indian Psychological tests and assessment tools.
  • Publication of bulletins for professionals, paraprofessionals and consumers of health services.
  • Provide IT solutions related to mental health services.
  • Procurement assistance for technology, instrumentation and consultation for health services.